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Gravity Forms Charts Reports uses Gravity Forms data to create Chartjs charts. Thanks to all contributors of these plugins.

Custom “no entries” message

Our form number 9 has no entries in order to demonstrate effect of no_entries_custom_message parameter. Default displayed message shortcode No answer to form No entries form yet result Custom...

July 6, 2017By MaxiCharts

CSV add-on example 1

CSV add-on allows to draw specific slices of csv file, here all columns from 0 (the first one) to 5 and all rows between 14 and 27 included. An extra parameter is available here...

April 23, 2017By MaxiCharts

Custom Search Criteria

The advanced custom_search_criteria parameter provide a way to pass to gravity form submission query, a set of filters, as defined by their API documentation here....

March 16, 2017By MaxiCharts


After a feature request of a kind user, we were asked to be able to parameterize the tooltip text, in order to show the count of entries of the current type, or the ratio (%) of this item among...

March 16, 2017By MaxiCharts

Chartjs options

We added an advanced parameter chart_js_options with a JSON like style which is passed to chartjs in order to customize chart. Please see Chartjs documentation to see all customizable options....

March 16, 2017By MaxiCharts

Entries to catch

The maxentries parameters defines the number of entries to get from the GF database : by default, maximum 200 entries are retrieved, increase at your own risk (performances)....

March 16, 2017By MaxiCharts

Graph position

Float This parameter allows to graph several charts on the same row (technically, it sets float:left css property to graph div container), like this:...

March 16, 2017By MaxiCharts

Graph size

You can use parameters width and height to set size of graph(s) in pixels or percent (width="100%" or width="250px") If only width set, height should be adjusted automatically by the plugin. You...

March 16, 2017By MaxiCharts

Colors and colors sets

GF Charts Reports uses a default multi-colors set if no parameter is set. GF Charts Reports comes with two ways of specifying colors to use for graph elements:...

March 16, 2017By MaxiCharts

All graph types

Here is a list of all graph types implemented in GF Charts Reports (basically the same as Chartjs ones)...

March 16, 2017By MaxiCharts

Your first graph!

Hello graph world! All shortcode parameters are optional, so simply dropping the following should work, if you have at least one form in gravity with a few answers (entries in GF words):...

March 16, 2017By MaxiCharts

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  • Suyog Goraksha

    Can we show Date range specific data? Please let me know.

    Thank you

  • gary

    sorry the daft question, but after installing your add-in and activating it , i haven’t been able to find the “post visual editor button”


    • MaxiCharts

      Humm… even in visual editing mode ?