Calculations with GF Formula

Calculations with GF Formula

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  • Tunox

    Anything to do with displaying GF charts and inter-field computations makes me happy, but one thing isn’t quite clear from this ticket; GF Formula is a MaxiCharts add-on?
    I don’t see anywhere an Enable Calculations checkbox eventhough I’m running the latest versions of MaxiChart plugin and all add-ons.

    • MaxiCharts

      Hi @tunox,

      No calculations is a gravity forms feature, that you can enable on Number fields.

  • j.aquilina

    I have a questionnaire that uses Likert Scores for a type of question.

    These are totalled together…

    For example totals would be like this…

    Eg: Green=3, Yellow=5, Blue=9

    Is there a way to display the totals as a bar chart show which is the highest for that individual submission that a user generates

  • j.aquilina

    The totals:
    Green=3, Red=7, Blue=6

    Green BAR= 3
    Red BAR = 7
    Blue BAR = 6

    For one form submission

    Another user may have different results, to that chart would differ.

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