Change MaxiCharts log level

Change MaxiCharts log level

The log file

MaxiCharts generates a log file helping dev team to find bugs and fix them.
This file is located here:
We use it extensively during the development phase. In some cases, for example if MaxiCharts team need more informations in order to debug a specific situation you may encounter, you might be asked to modify the log level in order to produce additionnal informations in the MaxiCharts log file.
By default, the log level in Maxicharts is set to info. It is recommended to let the log level to warn on a production site, and to debug on a staging site.

Change log level

In order to modify this log level, please modify line 9 of file maxicharts/mcharts_utils.php


and set the log level you want.


On a staging site :

On a production site:

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