Chartjs options

Chartjs options

We added an advanced parameter chart_js_options with a JSON like style which is passed to chartjs in order to customize chart. Please see Chartjs documentation to see all customizable options. Use ‘ to surround string parameters.


[gfchartsreports height="400px" color_set="purple" color_rand="true" type="line" include="3" width="70%" chart_js_options="title: {display: true, text: 'Super Arial Title', fontSize:28,fontFamily:'Arial',fontColor:'#00B88A',fontStyle:'bold',padding:20}"]

[gfchartsreports height="400px" color_set="red" color_rand="true" type="bar" include="4" width="70%" chart_js_options="title: {display: true, text: 'Great Helevetica Title', fontSize:18,fontFamily:'Helevetica',fontColor:'#FF3366',fontStyle:'bold',padding:10}"]

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    How can i limit the y-axis to be only integrer (0,1,2,3,4…) instead of decimal (0.5, 1.5, 2.5…)
    When displaying the number of gravity from entries it makes no sense to show deimal

    • MaxiCharts

      I forgot to tell: you need to use the following parameters:

      x_step_size=”1″ y_step_size=”1″

      Cheers 🙂

  • MaxiCharts

    Hi Alex,

    This is fixed in last release of MaxiCharts, please disable/delete and re-install if it does not work upgrading.


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