Create a radar chart profile based on form scores

Create a radar chart profile based on form scores

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  • Luigi Pirandello

    how we can customize dataset label with creation date?

    • Luigi Pirandello


      1) used shortcode
      [gfchartsreports gf_form_id="2" datasets_field="date_created" include="23,30,31,44,49,68,75" gf_entry_id="" type="radar" width="100%" height="300px" data_conversion="%" group_fields="1" mode="" custom_search_criteria='{"status":"active","field_filters":{"0":{"key":"created_by","value":"user:ID"}}}' chart_js_options="title: {display: true, text: 'Chart Title'}" /]

      2) fix to mcharts_gf_source_add_on.php file of maxicharts-gravity-forms-source-add-on:

      $atts = shortcode_atts($defaultsParameters, $atts);
      // Fix START
      $datasets_field = trim( $atts[‘datasets_field’] );
      // Fix END
      $type = trim( $atts[‘type’]);

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