Custom search criteria – Filter by Field Values

Custom search criteria – Filter by Field Values

After an interesting question from academicdigital on the support forum, i would like to show now how to filter results by field values.

Show results of field number “2”, but only for users that have answered “10” to field number “3”

[gfchartsreports color_rand="true" include="2" chart_js_options="title: {display: true, text: 'Filtered: have answered 10 to question of field 3'}" custom_search_criteria='{"status":"active","field_filters":{"0":{"key":"3","value":"10"}}}' float="true" type="doughnut" height="400px" ][gfchartsreports color_rand="true" chart_js_options="title: {display: true, text: 'NOT Filtered: all answers'}" include="2" float="true" type="doughnut" height="400px" ]

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  • Tunox

    In the above example shortcode how do we target the wanted form? Adding formid=”12″ doesn’t solve anything. The shortcode still goes looking for the custom search criteria on the first form created formid=”1″ (in my case the contact form). Obviouly this throws a “No answer to form Contact (1) yet” error.

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