Display results on confirmation page for current user

Display results on confirmation page for current user

MaxiCharts allows you to display a chart on the confirmation page corresponding to the form the user has just filled. In order to do that, you have to add the shortocde inside the confirmation page and use the {entry_id} merge tag inside the shortcode as the value of the gf_entry_id parameter.
Set something like this on the confirmation page of the form:

[gfchartsreports color_set="d310" include="1,2" type="horizontalBar" gf_form_id="17" gf_entry_id="{entry_id}"]

This shortcode has been added to the confirmation page of the following form, so as you can test it.

Test it

Submit to see your answer

Fill this form and visualize the chart including only your answer, using the merge tag {entry_id} as the shortcode parameter gf_entry_id

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  • anilreddy0102

    I have a form which calculates the score based on the radio options chosen. I want to show the user score and total score in a single graph. Suppose if the user gets 3.5/5, then I want to show it in a horizontal bar in 2 different colors. Is that possible?

    • MaxiCharts

      Hi ANILREDDY0102,
      Unfortunately, no, this is not currently possible. If you want a custom development to fit your needs, please describe it more precisely using the contact form. Thanks

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