Gravity Forms Charts Reports is now MaxiCharts !

Gravity Forms Charts Reports is now MaxiCharts !

Hello my friends,

Gravity Forms Charts Reports has recently become MaxiCharts !

Yeeeepaaaa ! 🙂

In fact the plugin has been splitted in order to improve its maintainability and to address numerous user demands.


If you want to upgrade seamlessly to MaxiCharts with backward compatibility, you just have to:

  1. Install MaxiCharts
  2. Install MaxiCharts Gravity Forms Source Add-on
  3. Deactivate Gravity Forms Charts Reports
  4. Activate both plugins you’ve just installed
  5. Check everything it alright on the public site where your shortcodes are
  6. Delete Gravity Forms Charts Reports permanently

It has been tested but some small bugs may appear, please tell us on our support pages :

More add-ons

More add-ons have been developed in case you need it:

Documentation will soon be available online.

Thank you very much for using MaxiCharts.