Include / exclude fields from report

Include / exclude fields from report

Choosing the field numbers to graph


Simply add the include parameter to the shortcode in order to specify GF fields to graph:

[gfchartsreports include="3" height="300px"]


Conversely, you can exclude some gf fields in the charts report:
[gfchartsreports exclude="1,2,5,6" height="300px"]

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  • GoAdriftTravel

    What about including/summing product totals? In the database the meta_key is “gform_product_info__” “gform_product_info_1_” and “gform_product_info__1”. It is also an array and causing complications. Any thoughts?

    • MaxiCharts

      What do you mean by summing product total?
      We ll be able to investigate this in september.

    • MaxiCharts

      Hi, can you please explain a bit more what you want to do ?