Query Builder Add-on

Query Builder Add-on

Please install MaxiCharts Query Builder add-on in order to filter Gravity Forms entries real-time via the excellent jQuery Query Builder widget.

Online Demo

You can try right now the filter plugin online. As it depends on user form submissions, not all filters will show something, which is right, because, if no data exists for current filter condition, nothing should be displayed. You can add your own submission to test everything works correctly.
For example, you can try the following simple filters with only one rule:

  • Simple Line (ID:1) = test

then try

  • Simple Line (ID:1) = wordpress

[gfchartsreports gf_form_id="1" include="3" type="horizontalBar" color_set="blue" height="400px" tooltip_style="BOTH" position="center" filter="1"/]

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