Radar Charts based on several form fields

Radar Charts based on several form fields

Several users contacted us with radar type chart features requests. In order to improve radar charts, MaxiCharts introduced a new way of generating those (quite special) charts, based on the use of several fields of the input form.


This new processing implies two different parameters:

  • datasets_field : datasets_field="1"
  • include : include="2,4,5,6,7,8,9,11"


is new and is used to create datasets for the resulting radar chart. Each new value set to this field (a dropdown field for example) will add a new dataset to the final chart. In the example above, all answers to field number 1 will add a new dataset to chart.


is the usual parameter to specify included field ids in the chart report, but is used in a totally different way, as soon as the previous parameter is set: it uses labels of thoses fields to create axis for the radar chart, and values of those field ids to chart answers for a specific dataset (an answer of field set in datasets_field).

Let’s see an example chart!

[gfchartsreports color_set="d310" gf_form_id="14" datasets_field="1" include="2,3,4,5,6" type="radar" height="600px"]

The form

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  • odecharette

    This is exactly what I need !
    Wich plugin do I need to install to be able to use the radar chart ?
    I actually have Gravity + MaxiCharts + MaxiCharts Gravity Forms Source Add-on
    But radar is not working

    Thanks !

    • MaxiCharts

      It should be working with
      – Gravity Forms (of course)
      – MaxiCharts
      – MaxiCharts GF Source Add-on

      upgraded to lastest versions.

      Which version are you working with ?

    • MaxiCharts

      Please give the shortcode your are using and the public URL to check what is happening.

  • odecharette

    You’re right, I’m now able to have a radar chart but don’t manage to configure it correctly

    I have 2 questions with ID 2 and 3
    Each question has 4 radio answers with values : 0, 1, 2, 4
    I want both answers on the same radar
    Could you help me to configure le shortcode ?

    • MaxiCharts

      [gfchartsreports color_set="d310" gf_form_id="your_form_id" datasets_field="dataset_field_name" include="2,3" type="radar" height="600px"]
      Your dataset_field_name parameter should be the dataset reference : each answer of this field with a different value, will add a new dataset to radar. Values used for dataset will be the answers of fields 2 and 3 (each one creating an axis on the radar chart)

  • odecharette

    Do you have an email where I can share the access to the website (WordPress) because I tried many configurations but none are working..


  • odecharette

    Just to say it’s now working with gravity updated to V2.3.2
    Thanks !

    • MaxiCharts

      I am glad it works now ! 🙂

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